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my aunt needs a kidney, can i donate without hurting the baby?

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i'm nine weeks and 5 days, and my aunt is going to die and i'm hoping maybe theres a way i can help. if i donated one of my kidneys to her, would the surgery put the baby in harms way? i don't want to risk anything happening to my baby, but my aunt means the world to me. what can i do?

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Doctor's won't allow you to have any unnecessary surgical procedures during pregnancy. Only procedures that are necessary to save your life are allowed, and even those put your baby at significant risk. I used to work for surgeons and one of the ob's in our medical group came in with gallbladder pain. They wouldn't remove it for her even though she was in pain because she was pregnant.
See the site down below for some recommendations. Snoring is only one problem that can be caused by an acidic burn and can be a signal that an issue with acidic burn is happening. A person also experiences burning sensation in the throat which may lead to difficulty in eating and swallowing. With regards to flow back that is not unremitting and doesn't exists for at least couple of hours are treated because of antacids. The hiatus is usually tight and helps to separate the organs. Heartburn is a lot more than a mere nuisance. So how do you know if you have acid reflux? However, this home remedy works only when almonds are raw and no preservatives such as salt are added. These details and a good review should enable the physician to make a correct diagnosis. Eat a red apple before hitting the sack. The initial stage of recovery, directly following clearing your diet with acid reflux diet restrictions, is perhaps the most important stage. The first thing you should do is always have your last meal a few hours before bedtime. If the symptoms of acid reflux in infants do not improve after making necessary feeding and sleeping modifications, the physician may recommend the medications like acid blockers and proton-pump inhibitors in order to prevent or block the reflux of stomach contents. While mint leaves are harder to come by chewing gum and after dinner mints are extremely common now. It could actually produce long lasting damage as it burns and after that lead to holes to spread in the abdominal track. Fermented beverages, like wine and beer, increase the production of stomach acid. All you need to do is eat about 3 teaspoons daily and you are one your way to curing the cause of this disease. This is a remedy for acid reflux in babies. Consumption of apple cider vinegar can be an effective natural remedy for acid reflux, apple cider vinegar contains good acids which are supportive to digestion and helps the body in flushing out excess acid quickly to relieve the burning sensation. During this time as you are lying down the body creates a favourable ground for the acid to travel back up the esophagus. As already mentioned spitting up is a common condition among the infants that can be managed by making some lifestyle changes. It is an odd and unpleasant sensation. By avoiding fatty foods the digestive processes will be quickened. Rather, we consume sugar by the bagful, and delight in consuming fast food meals, or prepackaged meals that do not contain the nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy. This can bind the stomach acid (antacids) or to inhibit gastric acid (antacids). This barrier in the lungs is made up of cellular tissue. Does that cup of morning coffee cause you pain and suffering? The more common herbs can often be purchased in tea bag form. The esophagus can be damaged by prolonged exposure to stomach acid and burn.. Children often growth disorders acid reflux. Individuals may also belch in the process. Acid reflux can be very uncomfortable to the infants. It can also damage teeth too, eroding enamel if it occurs frequently. When you first start feeling this symptom, it may not very severe. When you eat, is not the only time acid reflux strikes. Here are some of the symptoms you may have experienced. There is nothing that has no solution, unless the solution has not been discovered. It may take some days for the healing process to start showing its effect, as it is a herbal remedy.
I don’t think any doctor will allow you to have such surgical process during the time of child birth. This is completely a risk, not only for your baby, but also for your life as well. I think you should talk to your doctor or consult online with some good expert who can guide you in the right direction. If you are dp not want to waste time for searching, seek opinion of experts at Justsavelives clinic that definitely be of great help for you.

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