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my baby is 2wks which formula is best?similac, good start, or enfamil?

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I would start with one and see how your baby does on it. They are all formulated according to what the FDA requires. Some baby's bodies do better on a certain type.Do be careful about switching around too much. I have heard that it isn't good to constantly be switching around. If you find one that works stick with it.Before I had heard that it was bad to switch around I did just that with my son. If I had a coupon for one type I would use it to save some money. But he was about 6 months when he first started getting it and was on it completely by 8 months and he did just fine. With a new baby I would stick to one brand.
Enfamil has a new "newborn" formula. I'd go with that. Your baby is so young, why not ask your doctor first. Some docs have preferences, who knows why? Both my daughters were on enfamil, so I'd tell you to go with it too! but the newborn kind!  Good luck!
this isn't the best place to ask that question. we're just other moms. we can tell you tips about how to get your kid to eat something they don't like or how to give her a fuss-free bath, but we're not doctors. any questions about what to feed a newborn, you should ask her doc.
i agree with necia, we are not doctors! we are moms just like youself. the hospital should have given you some formula to take home (whatever you fed your baby then). if she's not having any problems with that, then why switch?
ok i didnt ask for negative feedback ok i simply asked a question that is what these ask mom questions are about you dont need to answer if you have nothing good to say to another mom. i already asked her doctor and he said anyone was fine i simply asked the question to other moms to find out what they thought about each one necia and pinkpaisley dont need to answer if you dont have an answer thats going to help me.And no body said you were a doctor but that does not stop everyone else on this site to ask questions thats the whole point of this ask other moms questions thing! thanx redstilts and rubberducky.
I used GoodStart Gentle to supplement because I didn't have enough breastmilk and both my boys had no problems with it that a few of my friends said their babies had with Enfamil & Similac (gas, constipation, etc.).  Once they turned 6 months and were totally off breastmilk, I ordereded Bright Beginnings online, it is cheaper then the store generic brands but is made by PMB - a large, well known, long time formula manufacturer.  It stinks you can only order online, but it is worth it since it was half the price of all the others!  Good luck, hope you and the baby are doing well so far!  =)
good start really messed up my baby's poo, it came out solid, and I had her on it from week 6 to 8. We stopped after that. HOwever, infamil, similac, as well as babies r us and other grocery store generic brands have all worked out well for us (the "advance" formulas with DHA). We do switch back and forth between generic and infamil/similar depending on coupons and our baby does great although yes, I have been advised that switching between brands is not a great idea usually. We're probably just lucky.
Our doctor strongly recommended Enfamil Newborn formula. He said that Enfamil does the most research of any brands. We asked if we could use a store brand (specifically Costco formula). He did not recommend using any store brand formula because when the Costco brand formula was tested it had 20% less protein than stated on the label. That could cause a newborn problems. Maybe when the baby is older, we can switch to a cheaper formula, but for now, we're using Enfamil and our baby loves it.
I have my baby on Similac. I think its great. She is 4 months old and her development is spectacular.  My mom used Similac with me also. I used it with both my children. I love it and it provides DHA found in breastmilk. Hope this helps. :-)
Hi! One thing I noticed with most of the name brand formulas is the first thing on the list of ingredients is fructose corn syrup, or sugars, not from a natural source.  The baby's pancreas is still learning to process certain sugar, yes babies need sugars for energy, but they need glucose.  I was SO SURPRISED at this.  The very first thing on the ingredient list is what that product has most of.  I tried and tried to find a formula that did not contain so much of the bad sugars.  Earth's Best seemed good and I use that so far, but I know they use glucose syrup solids and the DHA/ARA they use has been treated with hexane, which is not really good either.  I was a bit frustrated and baffled.  Why are there bad things in baby formula?  After some research on the internet, I've found Nature's One- Baby's Only.  The sugar they use is from organic brown rice syrup- no mention of high fructose, glucose or any or those 'scary' words.  I'm going to order some and try it out on my 4 month, that I've just had to start supplementing as my own supply has dwindled.  Good Luck! and Keep asking questions if you aren't sure.  Baby's deserve our best!


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