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my baby loralye has been bleeding from her privates

9 answers
i changed her diper and there was blood coming from her vaginal hole and i dont know whats wrong

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I would bring her in to get checked out. That isn't really normal.
That's not normal at all take her to the pediatrition.
i took her to the doctor and they did x rays my daughter who is 4 seen me put in a tampon and put one in loralye
I was going to suggest something sexual happened but I never heard of a little kid doing that. Is your baby doing okay now? If she ever brings up thinking something happened to her when she was little, please be truthful. I was molested at a young age and it hurt more when people denied to me what really happened only for years later to have them admit the truth.
Wow I would make sure you are watching your kids more closely. If this truly happened, you need to make sure that your daughter knows that she should not be putting anything in or on the baby. 
I was getting ready to go to the pool with my husband so i put in a pampon. Then when i got back my daughter was crying and the babysitter said that she had been crying like that for hours, So i picked her up and i paid the babysitter then i went to change loralyes diper. Once i changed her diper and realized she was gushing blood i ask my daughter and son kayla and gary if anything happend they just said ''No he was nice to us he hugged us and kissed us and played with us'' so i doont know for sure what happend. the doctor said they seen a tampon inserted in her vagina i said it had to be my daughter kayla whos 4 that did it because she seen me putting one in. they have a surgery date so they can remove it.
Oceana, Why did you write the post above? This makes no sense. I thought that this sounded unbelievable to begin with. Did you make this up with a different name? You forgot to change back to the Loralyesmommy account, when you posted your comment. It is posted by Oceana Brooks not Loralyesmommy. Why would you write such a horrible lie????!!
Wow.  Thats all I'm gonna say is wow... You should really pick a lie and stick with it.  Oceana Brooks or Loralyesmommy or whoever you are you should really grow up.
Sorry its because my computer sucks I posted it not oceana but sometimes it will take another name and say they posted it.  my computer does that to toher people to.

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