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is my baby too young to be sitting up? he is 1 mth and 3 wks

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i would place him on his tummy and he would begin to move his arms and legs and then he was on his back. at about three weeks he was trying to keep his head up, now he is 1 mth and 3 weeks and he is trying to stay in sittin position, he tries to sit up on his own already and im worried its too early and he might hurt his spine by doing this as such an ealy age. need opinions, should i be proud or worried?

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lol...first, you should be proud and then be a little bit determined on choosing a babysitter. Some mother can handle this kind if situations but some needs extra may be first-time-mom so, you may need to find a couple of hands but she must be experienced if you want to get the exact service.Thanks. (is your child still spinning?!)Nanny tax or babysitting tax
babies typically don't sit independently until around 5 months. that's great that he's trying.

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