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My baby wont suck on a pacifer, and she needs that action to sleep?

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My baby is 2months old and breastfeeding. She has a bottle every now and then so she doesnt get nipple confusion. But she doesnt get how to use a pacifer right, it just pops out of her mouth every time. I think she would benifit from a pacifer when she is sleeping because she wakes up looking for my breast "a problem I created by letting her latch on all thru the night whenever she woke up and fussed", I am now trying to get her to sleep by herslef in her crib. I have tried useing the same brand pacifers as her bottles, the same pacifers that the hospital sent us home with, and just some cheap ones I bought to try? All with no luck and the same problem. Did anybody have this problem? I am wondering if my baby just wont use a pacifer because she just doesnt feel the need to use one I guess, do some babies just not use pacifers? thanks!!

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I had the exact same situation. My little one did not want to suck on any pacifier, but definitely showed signs of needing to suck on something to sleep or to calm her down when crying.I purchased many pacifiers, all with different shaped nipples, and still no luck. Until one day my husband, effortlessly slipped one of the pacifiers in her mouth. He didn't even know how hard I had worked on getting her to possibly suck on one. From that day on, she loved that pacifier.. Unbelievably, my husband did it so easily, after I worked so hard to find the right one...Maybe you could do the same let your partner be the one to give your baby the pacifier, and see what happens..It's worth a shot. Good Luck!
Babies do best when they sleep next to their mothers.  It's not a "problem that you created", you were following your instinct and for whatever reason you're deciding to go in a different direction now.  There's really no reason that she should need a pacifier, my children never took one, they were too smart (they wanted the real thing or nothing at all.)  I co-slept with them and if they did start to rouse I would semi-wake up, pop the breast in their mouth, and everyone went back to sleep quickly.That said, there are a lot of different pacifiers out there with different nipple shapes, just buy one of each and see which she likes best.
Same here. my daughter would not take a pacifier the first month of her life. She would suck for a second, make a horrible face and pop it outs. After a while her grandparents and father were able to get her to take it. and eventually she took it from me. Pacifiers do help babies fall asleep because it comforts them. It helps me to comfort her during the day when she needs a nap and I have things to do. And yes at first she would only take one type of pacifier. but eventually she would take any type. but every baby's different. because you are breastfeeding buy a type that simulates the real thing. It'll be easier on both of you!
Most babies have a natural suckling reflex until the age of about four months (although it is much stronger in some that others). If your baby is not taking a pacifier then I would suggest that she does not have a strong reflex and probably does not need one. Removing pacifiers (which is recommended at four months before they get too attached) is a tricky and worrying process so if your baby can manage without one it will definitely help you later as she will be unlikely to sleep through the night with it (as when it falls out she needs someone to put it back in) you will probably have to remove it in order to get her sleeping right through undisturbed.Test her suckling reflex by placing a clean bent index finger knuckle into her mouth and see if she holds...When she gets a bit bigger you can encourage her to find her thumb or toy if you think she needs it! 
just wanted to say thanks for the helpful answers, my little one has found her thumb and now sleeps pretty much thru the night.
i don't know why you are complaining. you are one of the few lucky mothers that will not have to wean your child off the paci. provided that she still refuses to use one.
my baby only like one kind of paci so i had to buy the same one every time. maybe the nipple on the paci is to big.

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