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my baby wont take fluids from any container...HELP

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My baby girl is 6 mo old today....for the past couple of weeks her fluid intake has been dwindling. Today has been the worst...Ive only been able to get 6 oz of formula in her all day. Ive tried putting her fluids in her bottle, and all she does is start to fuss and cry. I try the numerous sippy cup styles we have, just fusses and cries. Ive even given a regular cup a try with and without a straw. She's still eating, but she ONLY wants solids...what do i do?

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ps she has no fever and has been in good i dont think shes sick in any way...but she was diagnosed with Vesicourteral reflux (grade 5) in both kidneys...but shes been on a low dose antibiotic for that since they discovered it and hasnt had any break through infections
Is she having wet diapers?  If not I would be very concerned and I would call your ped.  Does it matter if it is warm or cold fluids?  Maybe a trip to the dr would be a good idea. Good luck!
try switching formulas. there may be something with the kind you have been getting that she doesn't like anymore.

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