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My breastfed baby was est. on an occasional bottle, now rejects them.

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11 week old infant, breastfed, started occasional expressed bottles at 4 weeks with no problems. Since week 10, rejects bottles from everyone. I'm back to work, 3 days per week. She had taken bottles from this sitter in the past. Now won't take them from her or anyone else. Also, I'm leaving her in 3 weeks for a 3 night trip with my hubby. I'm freaking out that she won't eat for 4 days when I'm gone! Dr. says there are no medical problems and she is just a smart baby. Has this happended to anyone, and what did you do?

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This happened to a friend, she said she would pump milk for while she was at work and the baby would not take them.  Her schedule was to feed right before she left for work and the sitter could give a bottle with a little water or water and a splash of juice up to 2 times while she was gone and then she would feed as soon as she got home.  If you look on I think they will have more info, its called cluster feeding while you are at home, so they get enough calories that they don't need any milk while you are away.  Unless you work really long days, I don't think there will be any problem - for now, it might be tough to wean her when you are ready.  Good luck!

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