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My c-section was 44 days ago and I am still bleeding. Normal?

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My c-section was 44 days ago and I am still bleeding. It is off and on through out the day and is always dark or bright red. Lately I have started passing thick and tough yellowish clots. Is this normal? Should I go see a doctor? Oh and I still have some cramping.

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Yes go see doc.
I bled for over 7 weeks with my son. I didn't have a c-section but it can happen. I have read it can turn yellow, mine faded then turned white. With my daughter I was still spotting when I got an iud at 8 weeks and spotted til she was almost 6 month old. You can call your dr and see if they want to see you. I feel like there is not enough post partum information given. It is like here is your baby good luck. You should have your 6 week check up soon so you can ask then
It is normal to have vaginal bleeding for several weeks after giving birth. 6 weeks is the average length of time but it's not uncommon for it to last for 8 or more weeks.Always call your doctor if you are concerned about anything that seems abnormal to you. It's better to at least to a nurse to find out if you should be seen.

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