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My car seat is only a few month out of expiration. Should I use it?

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No. They really are more worn than they look. They spend so long in the hot sun, getting hot and cool and hot and cool it wears them down. If you look out for Babies R us trade in events you can turn that in for like 20% off. You can always find cheaper carseats that are safer than an expired one and still save money.
I would say no....just because there is a reason the seats expire. the materials break down after time and depending how it has been kept the sun/heat/cold can cause it to break down in an even faster manner. As the plastics break down there could be hairline fractures in the seat that you do not see, In an accident that could cause the seat to shatter into bits and pieces, and cause severe injuries to the child in it.The manufacturers only test the seats for so long and so therefore do not guarantee the quality and safeness of them past that point, hence the expiration date.I have always thought it was better to be safe then sorry with a car seat.//
I agree with KayKaysMommy - just like with food, expiration dates are there for a reason.  The carseat is more than the buckles and the fabric lining, it's also the styrofoam inserts, and those deteriorate over time.  You're better off turning it into BRU or TRU for the 20% off and getting a new one - and likely, the newer one will be safer then the old!  Also keep in mind that the AAP now recommends kids be rear-facing to 2 years old or until they hit the minimum requirement on their carseat, so you'll want to keep that in mind when purchasing the new one. 
I just bought the Graco all-in one. It goes from a rear facing infant seat all the way to a backless booster with a base like the traditional infant carriers.  It's a little pricey but because it will be the last seat you buy and you can just buy extra bases for other cars it was well worth the money. Depending on the age of your child. If you want more info on why it's so important to get rid of expiered carseats check out She is amazing and always replys to questions very quickly.
I'm with the other ladies, I would go get a new car seat. It's worth the money to have your child be as safe as possible. 
Another thing to consider is if you do get into a car accident and your baby gets injured your insurance will not cover him/her because the car seat is expired because if it wasn't it might have prevented the injuries. Just something to keep in mind.
This could mean your babys life...!!! Im sure you rather pay extra bucks then regreating it later just for money...

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