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My child cannot say sorry. He will cry and hide. How do i fix this?

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Whenever my step-son who is 4 1/2 years old, does something wrong to someone, and we tell him to say sorry, he throws a fit. He cries and hides, either running from the room, or going to a corner or hiding under tables. He is a really good kid, and sometimes will say sorry on his own. It only happens when we tell him to say sorry. What can we do when he is throwing these fits?

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Perhaps he is getting angry because he feels he is being forced to feel sorry. Maybe instead of saying "now tell her you're sorry" or something like that, you could say "when you hurt someone, it makes them feel better to hear that you're sorry."Basically, explain why you want him to say he is sorry, how it makes the other person feel and how happy you will be if he apologizes, instead of just telling him to say it.Praising him when he does say "sorry" on his own may also help him understand when he should do it and that apologizing is a good thing.

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