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my child has horriable separation problems! What should I do?

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Every time a family friend or family member watches him he screams. I can never find anyone who wants to watch him anymore & that just makes it worse because he gets to attached too me & his dad. I NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!

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I here you. My son is very attached to me and sometimes my husband will not even do he wants me. It is tough. I cannot even leave the room of our house. I know when he has better times and I know when we are out and about(not home) he is more clingy. I had my niece who is 17 come watch him at my house. She came early in the morning when he is the most happy. I sat him in his chair and gave him breakfast and left the room. She stayed in the room. I got ready and left and he did great. I told her if he got fussy to take him for a walk because that is his favorite thing. If I stay in the house and he sees me he is not okay, he cannot even hear my voice. If I tried to hand him to her he would of known something was up. He is 7 months so still able to distract some.I know a lot of things say not to sneak out but that is the only way I can get away.
My kids are like that. I'm a stay at home mom. They've never been to day care, they've barely been babysat by other people. My daughter is 3 now and she's better, but my 18 month old son gets very worked up if we leave. Sometimes he even cries when I leave them with my husband. You just have to get him more socialized. Take him to visit people who would be his babysitters. Once he's comfortable with them try leaving the room for a few minutes. You can also do this in your home, it may help him to be more comfortable. After he's used to being around more people it should be easier for you to have someone else watch him.

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