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My child is overweight!!

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I have a big problem. My family just all went to the doctor I have a big problem. My big jack is 15 almost 16 my and his doctor says he is about 30 35 poinds overweight. That's a problem. But here is the real problem. They Said he can't have any junk food in the house. But I have lily 6 rice crispcie treat lover, Cassidy 11 doritios obsessed, jill obsessed with cheetos,John eats a pint of ice cream twice a week, and goldfish cheese it's if why so what do I do

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You need to get your kids to eat healthier. I was raised in the way that if I don't eat my dinner, I don't eat anything. Set out rules. Maybe hide some snacks in your room, and promise each child one snack after lunch, and one after dinner. Get the oldest one to excerise a lot, too. YOU'RE in charge, not your kids.
Stop buying the junk and send them to play outside! You're the boss! What's the worst thing they can do? throw a tantrum?
Holy chiz what is going on here?????? No wonder your kid is fat you're feeding them CRAP!!!! YOU are the root of the problem here! That's a bad mom award!
Junk food is easy to get addicted too. (I've heard they add stuff into the food so it is even more addictive) This is hard to break when everyone is so used to getting it. When my husband and I were married he ate quite a bit of junk food. He ate good things too, but compared to me...he liked his sugar and snacks. Instead of tossing everything out at once I slowly began discontinuing one thing at a time. First the oreos, then the Pop Tarts, then the ice cream, etc.Yes, we both still enjoy snacks and LOVE Ice cream, but we can balance it out now with healthier foods.If you are the grocery shopper..look for healthier snacks. If you guys like chips..look for food like Pirate's Booty..which is probably less fattening than Doritos. Try popcorn, dried fruit or fruit leather (like roll ups but less artificial), try freezing banana halves on sticks for a fruity pop, or Skinny Cow ice cream. There are lots of other options out there to replace fattier is a lifestyle change that takes time and effort.If you aren't careful all your kids will be just like the heaviest one and you'll have a bigger problem on your hands!
I agree with  Redstilts. Id slowly stop buying the unhealthy things. If you grocery shop once a week then every week dont buy two unhealthy snacks that youd usually buy. You kids will see that you are in charge of what food is in the house. Also kids playing is a natural exercise for them. They need to go out & do things. A lot of kids now a days play too many video games so they snack more while playing & they dont get outside. Maybe start a family exercise together like amybe go for a walk together once a day or once every other day or something, start out simple with the exercise like that. WE've got a YMCA where i live & they offer tons of different classes for kids of all ages. Maybe theyd be interested in enrolling in a sport like gymnastics, basketball, baseball or something. Or maybe just go down for the free swim once a week or so. I think it might help if they dont have do to it alone, so be involved in excersising & eating right too. Remember youre the mom & youre in charge not them. I also agree with rubberducky. whats the worst they are guna do? throw a fit about & & maybe ignore you for a lil bit? well id say having them do that is well worth your child having good health. I hope things work out well for you all
you are the reason that your children are overweight. the reason they are "addicted and obsessed" with these junk foods, is because you have allowed them in your home, and continue to buy them! hello! wake up! stop buying junk, and start eating healthier, it's really not that hard. and you would be surprised at how much you will save on your grocery bill when you buy more fresh produce vs. all that crap in your kitchen. seems to me that you are unaware of limits. you clearly have problems setting them, and look where it has gotten you and your family. there is no such thing as "i'm trying to get my kids to eat healthier and keep them on a diet". it's just something that you do and stick with. the only person you have to complain about and blame is yourself for providing this crap! i'm so sick of seeing and hearing about fat kids and all these parents moaning and groaning. you are just as ignorant as the rest of them.
Everyone likes junk food every now and then, what I do is limit what I buy and even seperate it in small snack bag portions.  When I was a child, I hated vegetables and was the pickiest eater ever!  My mom would put different veggies on my plate and if I liked it, I liked it and if I didn't well I just didn't eat it.  Also if they don't like a certain food, cook it a different way and see how that goes.  I would try not to fry everything, my mom loves fried foods.  There are a lot of alternatives these days to supplement for diffeciencies like ensure or v8.  I am a new mom of a 3 mo old so I have not tackled that particular problem with her yet.  Good luck
Stop having junk food in the house. It's not healthy for any of you. Instead of making the focus Jack's weight, make it about getting the entire family healthier. If your kids need snacks you can try some healthier, organic options like Veggie Sticks potato snacks. You can find them pretty cheap at Trader Joe's and you can also find other healthy options. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also get your entire family doing more physical activites like riding bikes and going for walks.

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