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My cycle is all over the place. How can I tell when I am ovulating?

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My cycle is anywhere from 34 days to 45 days. I was on birth control to regulate for over 6 years. I been off of it for 7 months now. My fiance and I are trying to have a baby and I am finding it hard to figure out the best time to try. My average is 39 days but again we tried this last month and nothing. The doctor recommended us to have sex a lot, about every other day to insure it but honestly who has time!?! LOL. We both have work schedules that make it hard to insure this every other day crap. Any advice would help...please!!! These calculations don't help me much because I am not on a steady cycle.

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Try to relax, if you've seen a fertility doctor then the best thing to do is follow their advice.  Especially since you aren't regular, it's too hard to say when it would be best for you to try.  Just try to relax and let nature take it's course.  Good luck!
try an ovulation test.. u cna buy them at any drug tells u when ur ovulating to help improve ur chances..theres also a fertility monitor..i dont know much about it but ive heard about it im sure it will help

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