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My daughter is 1 month old and wants to nurse every 30 minutes! Help?

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She takes a paci but that only helps for a few minutes. I am literally always nursing or changing diapers. My pediatrician said she'd go through a growth spurt around this time and eat more often then she did before (she used to nurse every 2-4 hours a few weeks ago) but it's been a week and a half of this and I didn't think it was supposed to be THIS often. Has anyone had this problem?

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Yes, I remember having that problem, when you nurse her make sure she if fully awake and doesn't comfort herself and fall asleep while nursing. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to help hydrated yourself and produce more milk. You are doing a great thing by nursing, looking back I am glad I continued but I do recall those rough patches! Good Luck.
It will get easier, and she will stop nursing as often eventually. My daughter seemed to want to nurse nearly constantly until she was about a month and a half old. Part of it I'm sure was a growth spurt, but she also wanted it for comfort. At around 9 weeks she finally accepted a pacifier occasionally, and the nursing frequency slowed. She's five and a half months old now and breastfeeding is going well. It's tough but it really will get easier. Hang in there!
OH my gosh, this happened to me and it was insane. My little boy literally nursed every hour and a half, but would nurse for 45 minutes. So for months, it was 45 minutes on the boob, 45 minutes off. Around the clock. straight through the night. He wouldnt take a paci until he was 3 months old ( now 6months). All I can say is hang in there. It does get better, but it took mine until he was 2 months to stop nursing so frequently. And even after that, he nurses a lot in comparison to my friends babies. He was every 2-2.5 hours from 2 months until 3 and a half, and then finally every 3 hours. It sounds like your daughter hasnt always eaten like this, so I wouldnt worry too much. Just ride it out, she will get back to where she was. The hospital told me babies go through their growth spurts at the 3, 6, and 9's. 3,6,9 weeks, and 3,6,9 months. I bet your baby will be eating normal again in no time.
It is really hard and difficult when this happens. My son, who's now 8 months, did this very same thing and happened alot. It's most fustrating as you think there's a schedule and then it goes to every 30 minutes or in case it was every hour. Keep going with it, try to get lots of rest and have a good support system. Those things seem to help me get through it. When they go through growth spurts it their nursing will increase, each baby's different, this is to increase your milk supply. So don't worry or think that it's because you don't have enough or doing something wrong. You are not, it's normal. When your baby's feeding watch their latch and make sure they are actually sucking/feeding. As sometimes baby's not actually hungry they want the closeness and comfort of mom. Best of luck and don't worry you will get through this! :) 
that is what is wrong with breast feeding, you never know how much the child is getting and you can never get anything done. switch to the bottle and things might change.
My daughters both did the same thing, for the first two- months. I found it very difficult trying to get school done with my first, and then chasing after a toddler with my second always wanting to nurse. My best advise is just ride it out, every baby goes through stages but breast feeding is such an amazing experience if you can get past the few rough patches you come across. You can also try pumping and bottle feeding a few times a day when you are desperate for a break, it was always got me an extra hour so.
She finally went back to every 4-5 hours.  And it was frustrating but I pushed through. [:  Mostly it was upsetting because sometimes I just wouldn't be able to produce any more and she'd be crying and I'd be crying.  But I bought some Mother's Milk tea and drank that CONSTANTLY when she wasn't nursing and it helped me get through it.And honestly-there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding.  It never once crossed my mind to formula feed because it was difficult.  Breastfeeding is best for my daughter and I will always do what is best for her-not easiest for me.
breastfeeding can be very difficult in the beginning! but very rewarding if you stick with it!!! usually, the first 6 weeks are the hardest. i remember my little boy doing the same thing and i would cry because my nipples hurted soooo bad! stick with it, this is just the time when they are making your milk supply. without them nursing like this your milk could dry up. the more they nurse the more milk you make.  do make sure your baby is not falling a sleep. try to keep her progressively eating, not that she's just suckling.  you could try mothers milk or fenugreek herbal supplements, that helped me. also my lactation specialist told me to drink one beer every day, makes your milk taste good to baby. if your hospital or some where in your community has a breastfeeding support group they are very helpful!! i still enjoy going and my son is 6 months old. good luck, it WILL get better!!!
I'm drinking mother's milk-it works WONDERFUL. Two cups and BOOM I was producing a whole lot.  Didn't stop her from feeding so much but luckily she's back to every 4 hours about and I pump also so I can save some for when I go back to work in a few weeks. [: Thank you all for your help!

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