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My daughter is 14weeks old and im not sure if

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Ishould be giving her cereal and Sometimes a little bit of gerber apples mixed in her bottle of formula or if its too early...the reason im doing this is because my mom tells me its it too early to be giving her either of these.?

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There's two parts to your question: when to start solids, and what to give. For When: Most pediatricians recommend starting solids at 4 months (which translates to 16 weeks, give or take a few days - it gets a little dicey, as I'm sure you've realized).  I wouldn't start solids until you have a good reason to do so.  The main reason parents add cereals to their baby's bottle is because it can help them sleep through the night, or to combat acid reflux.  If your daughter doesn't have any trouble with either of these issues, and she's already gaining weight at a normal pace according to her pediatrician, I would not start adding things to her bottle.  For What: What you use as a first solid food, beyond breastmilk or formula, is really more of a cultural thing.  Some people like to start off with rice cereal, because it's got a low risk of intolerance or allergy.  Some start off with banana.  I've heard of a few who prefer to start with veggies (the theory being that if you start with fruit, the child develops a taste for sweet and will refuse most veggies).  With some exceptions, there's really no right or wrong item to start with.  Some popular choices, beyond rice cereal, oatmeal, or bananas include mangoes, avocadoes, apples, peas.  If you are still uncertain if you should be adding anything to her formula, call your pediatrician.  But unless you're worried about weight, acid reflux, or sleeping through the night, it should not be necessary to add anything at all.  
She actually sleeps perfectly through the night. she sleeps from 11pm-9 or 10am its just during the day ifeed her 6oz of formula and she starts fussing and crying for a bottle 3hours later today iput rice cereal and apples mixed with her formula and she napped for about 5and a half hours...this is my first baby so im really not sure if uts okay or not
At 14 weeks, it's not uncommon to be feeding her every 3 or 4 hours or so anyway.  I'm not a pediatrician, so I can't say for sure, but I don't think you'd be doing any lasting harm by putting in the rice cereal or apples - but first, I'd try giving her more than 6 ounces at a time, if you think she'll take it, or just feed her every 3 hours, when she wants it.  Babies this young don't really have "breakfast, lunch and dinner" the same as adults do.
i would give her apples thats a stage later on to for cereal,unless shes eating  ox every 2 hrs she really doesnt NEED cereal..i give my 17week old cereal because it helps alot w.her reflux..she hates the taste though.
wouldnt** i didnt mean to type would in the first sentece
I've seen applesauce as a first food - but there's a couple of different systems that advocate different times for the same food.  For example, my son didn't get any type of berry (other than cherries) until after he was one year.  Most of his age-mates were eating them at 9 and 10 months. The important thing is that right now, all foods your daughter eats should be liquid and able to be fed through the bottle.  Later on, when she's around 4-6 months and ready for solids, you can start her on thicker substances.  (Think the consistency of really thin yoghurt.)
My pediatrician said plain cereal at 4 months and baby food at 6 months. He said if you give them baby food earlier than that, they can develop allergies.  I know it's tempting to do what your Mom says, hey we survived right, but they have done a lot of research since we were babies and I think doctors know the right thing for our babies. My mom said for me to offer my baby a little water now and again and I asked her doctor first and he said plain water can be dangerous for babies younger than 6 months. I would ask your pediatrician what they think and go with that. 
I would never suggest putting any thing other than formula, breastmilk or juice (when they are old enoughh) in a bottle. Research shows that it can lead to obesity. Eating every 3 hours is normal at this stage, even though it can be a pain. When they are old enough to be eating solids which is between 4 and 6 months depending on your doctors recomendation you should only spoon feed it. Not only does it teach them how to begin eating like a big kid, it controls how much they are getting. Never be afraid to call your peds office, some questions may seem silly, but they are so used to every little thing you will not be bothering them and they really know what is best specifically for your child.

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