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My daughter is 2 1/2 years old, she needs help to learn to go potty.

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I try on a regular basis to make her go in her seat, but she will stand & try doing it that way, then aas a result she would pee & forget about potty. Can anyone relate to this & help me. Thx.

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go to walmart and buy elmo's potty time.
Your daughter may not be ready yet. But let's assume she is. First get her a book about potty training. One is mentioned above; another is the Sesame Street book called "Bye Bye Diapers." The last line of the books is: "I'm big now. Are you big too?" Tell your daughter that she *is* big now, and does not need diapers anymore. Keep asking her to sit on the potty, but don't let it become a power struggle. Tell your daughter one day, "You're big now and don't need diapers. We're going to go get big girl panties" and let her help you choose some at the store. Put them on her and EXPECT accidents. She will wet her pants a few times...BUT, it will be very uncomfortable, unlike disposable diapers that wick away the moisture. She will not like the feeling of being wet. Tell her, "Next time, go to the potty so you don't get wet." All kids are different, but this worked with my daughter at 2 1/2 in less than two days. I just had to plan to stay around the house for those days!Lori
take her to the bathroom with you every time. i started this with my daughter when she was 6 months. explain the whole process. tell her step by step what you are doing. show her what it means to go pee pee. if she is still reluctant, then you may want to back off. most times kids will let you know when they are ready. at 18 months my daughter took a parents guide to potty training out of the elmo's dvd case, and walked straight into the bathroom. she ordered me to sit on the big potty while she undressed herself, and sat on hers. she then handed me the guide, and said, "here, mama. you read now! teach me." then she opened it up for me, and turned the pages. i knew at that point she was ready. however, every child is different, and everyone learns at their own time and pace. don't force her into it. this will only make it harder to train her, and she will end up refusing.

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