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My daughter is acting bratty since I started working.

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Since I started working and sending my daughter to daycare, she's started acting brattier and brattier everyday. She throws the biggest tantrums and always thinks I'm leaving her everytime I put her down. I don't know if I should punish this behavior, ignore it, or just give her the attention she wants when I'm home. I work 2nd shift, so my mom puts her to bed for me at night and I don't know if she can handle how bad my daughter is getting.

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your daughter is upset about the new change in her routine. give her some more attention while you are home. explain to her that mommy has to go to work, and she has to go to the daycare. she can make lots of new friends, and have tons of fun playing games, coloring, singing songs, etc. give her some time, she will adjust.
Sounds like you, your mom  and day care need to come up with a plan together.  You can not implement anything on your own since you are with her for such a short time.  She needs all the love she can get from you when your home, but confirm with your mom and day care how she acts when they are incharge.  If she only acts "bratty" when she is with you then you need to work with her seperation anxiety, if she is "bratty" all the time then everyone needs to work with her so she can get through the phase she is going through. Her whole life has changed with you working and then working 2 jobs.  Be patient with her and make sure she knows you're not mad at her and love her, but do not tolerate "bratty" behavior.  Be stern with her that is the only way she will learn, but force positive reinforcement.  Make sure you tell her how great she is doing on little things like putting her toys away, eating dinner at the table etc...
My thought is that part of the reason she may be acting out is because she's seeing less of you.  If she feels like the only time she gets attention from you is when you're upset, then that gives her more reason to misbehave.  Along with being firm about her bratty behavior, I'd recommend trying to set up Mommy & Me times during the week, when she knows she'll have your undivided attention.  Try to do something fun with her during those times, and DON'T use them as bait or punishment (you know, "get into this car right now or we aren't going to the zoo together on Saturday").
Give her lots of love ...!! Give her all the attention you can when your around because im sure she misses that... And talk to her explain that you have to go to work... Tell her grandma what you would do to put her in bed if theres anything speacial that she might miss like a bed time story ext...
thanks for all the help. Tho, I can't explain anything to her cuz she's just about to be a year old on the 21st. Prob should have included her age in the question.
thanks for all the help. Tho, I can't explain anything to her cuz she's just about to be a year old on the 21st. Prob should have included her age in the question.

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