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my daughter asked me something shocking

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my 15 yr old daughter told me last night she wanted to talk to me about something important to her and I said ok what is it , and she proceeded to tell me she wants to be treated as a baby again . I said what do you mean and she said latterly like a baby and that she has been doing it since the summer but wanted me to know so I didn't find out some other way and so she didn't have to hide it anymore . I couldn't believe it when she told me . any advice on what I should do would help greatly

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My mother actually wanted me to remain a baby so much to the point that she breast fed me until I was 11. This didn't have a bad effect on my psyche in fact the doctors said I had stronger bones because of it, which is weird because my mom stopped lactating when I was 7. My advice to moms around the world is to let your daughter mature in her own time. People try to control their kids so much these days and what we really need is to lay back and LISTEN to their needs. If they want to be gay or trans or even just a cross dresser we should allow them the freedom to express themselves. If we don't we will just create little serial killers.
I will be getting my nexplanon removed in the next week or two. My husband and I are wanting to get pregnant i have had the birth control since 9/21/2013 and have been having really harsh periods. is there any thing i can do after it is removed to increase my chances of getting pregnant?
She has been doing what exactly since the summer? Acting like a baby?
Well you only have a year left before she is probably out on her own so you can wait it out or take things into your own hands. Sounds like the teen has no boundaries and her mother is push over trying to be her friend instead of her parent. What I am reading is pure laziness and if you guys do not push her to have some responsibilities she will struggle in the real world and will not leave your home until she matures mentally leaving you with a burden. You need to 've more firm give out chores and try to get your step daughter out of the house there are plenty of fun activities you three could do together. Use your imagination :)
Please disregard my last post that was for another other question and I'm not sure how to delete comments here :)

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