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My daughter Avery has eczema, how can I treat it?

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I really don't like going to the doctor or taking my kids to the doctor for things like this because I feel like it's something that I can take care of myself, what are some thigns that work good for eczema?

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Vivienne has eczema, so I know what you're going through. Make sure you're using natural bath and cleaning products, as chemical ingredients can irritate the skin. I like The Honest Company products, they are made with very few ingredients, and the ones they use are coconut oil, olive oil, and things like that. And they are all organic. I use their healing balm on the really dry patches of Vivienn's skin, and I also use hydrocortisone on the bad spots. I've started using the Bye Bye Dry eczema lotion from BabyGanics after every bath, and that has helped to keep her skin moisturized, which cuts down on the eczema outbreaks. It's also good to give a bath every 2-3 days, instead of every day, as baths dry the skin. (My pediatrician recommend it.) 
Thanks sooo much! Ifeel so bad for her, she's just so little and eczema sucks! She has it all down her back and neck. 
As long as it doesn't seem to make her uncomfortable, she'll be fine.
I love chemically nakeds head to toe Shea butter. They have other scents like jasmine and pink grapefruit but I like the unscented version. Clears up baby's eczema right away and is made only of steamed Shea butter so it's super soft and 100% natural. Plus I use it on my dry feet and hair - amazing!
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I came across your post about eczema. My son has terrible eczema and nothing has worked. We tried "Mud Soap" by Seacret minerals from the dead sea- a natural product paraben free...his eczema was gone in a week! We've since added the Seacret Body butter and once a week we use the Salt and Oil scrub and his eczema has not returned....these products are so incredible! is where you can find them!
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