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My daughter bella is 6 months old and has been crying for 3 days.

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She has never really had colic but lately she has cried without stoping for 3 days,She crys when I try to feed her,she doesn't sleep,all she does is cry. I have called the doctor and told him, but he just tells me it's colic. Is there any tips for soothing a fussy or colicky baby??????

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My daughter had colic for a month after she was born, She cried all the time. Then one day I decided to give her a bath and she instantly stopped. I'm not sure if it was the warm water or she was distracted but that always worked.Theres also colic calm, I haven't tried it but you can ask your doctor about it.
Are you sure it's not just teething? Kids can get pretty fussy sometimes when they're teething. Try some teething tablets. (I like Hyland's. You can get them at Target, CVS, etc.) They have always worked to calm my kids down whether they're teething or not. 
sorry, V, but i have to disagree with you about the teething tablets. they suck. i have a 3 year old and a 4 month old who is currently cutting 4 teeth, and teething tablets never did a damn thing for my kids. night time baby orajel, and tylenol is a whole 'nother story, though. if it's not teething, she may have an ear infection. just because she's not pulling on her ears doesn't mean she doesn't have one. my 3 year old never pulled on her ears when she had them. she just cried and cried uncontrollably. when my 4 month old is super fussy, i turn on the vacuum cleaner, and it calms her immediately. also, you can try warming a hand towel in the dryer for about 15 minutes, and place it on her belly. that helps my daughter when she's gassy, or cranky. hang in there, sweetie. i know it's hard to hear your baby cry like that. don't start ripping your hair out just yet. if possible, try to enlist the help of someone, so that you are able to keep your sanity.
Teething tablets have worked for lots of kids. They are a worthwhile option, especially since they are all natural. They do not have any interactions with medications, and at least trying a natural option is better than automatically going for drugs. Also, one dose doesn't always work. Sometimes you have to give another dose 20-30 minutes after the first, which again, is totally safe.
It's also possible that you used a brand that doesn't work as well. There are multiple brands available, some are better than others.
i have tried every brand on the market, and none worked for my daughter. frozen washclothes, frozen pineapple cores, homeade beef jerky, orajel (which does come in organic versions now), and dried apricots stuffed in a mesh feeder have worked for us. 
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