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my daughter caitlyn is 5 months old and is already trying to crawl

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it seems like she trying to get up on her hands and knees and i was wondering when is the normal age for her to be moble

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TOTALLY normal! My son started trying around 5 months, getting on his hands and knees and would do this rocking back and forth sort of thing, and started going at 6 months. Every baby is completely different, especially when it comes to developmental stages! We are just the lucky ones ;) she will be up and crawling in NO time! Some baby dont start crawling until they are 8 months old, some dont crawl AT ALL! Some just completely skip the crawling stage, and jump straight to walking! Babies are exciting, you never know what your gonna get! :) Good luck mama!
Agree with JosiahsMommy. My daughters were the same way, crawling by late 5 months, my youngest was walking by 8 1/2 months. Enjoy this special treat.
Aww how exciting! My baby boys 3.5 months old and already pushes his legs out n moves alil..and turns in a circle while on his tummy. They are so eager to start moving! =]
i woudln't be surprised at all if she started to crawl soon, then went to walking very soon after that.  My Neice skipped crawling all together and was walking pushing furniture around the living room at 4 months, by 6 months, she was walking all on her own.  My son was late and crawled by 9 months.  My sister and i were early walkers, we both skipped crawling and walked by 5 months.  I pushed myself down a flight of stairs in my walker at 4 months.  Every baby is different.  good luck!
my daughter was pushing up on her hands and knees at 4 months. she was crawling at 6 months. 2 days after that, she pulled herself up to stand, and even stood independently for several minutes at a time. she also climbed out of the crib at 6 months! she walked at 9 months, ran and walked backwards at 10. good luck! lots of tummy time helps, and an exersaucer as well.

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