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my daughter caitlyn is biting when i breastfeed

2 answers
shes got a tooth coming in and she bites i dont know what to do

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Don't react, she's too young to really grasp that she is hurting you so when you jump, or give a big reaction, it's a game to her. Try just simply taking her off and giving her a few minutes before letting her latch again and she will get the idea that bitting means I have to stop eating. My daughter did the same thing and after 3 or 4 times of taking her off she stopped and never did it again.
i never breastfed, but i have read some tips for this. when she bites, put your finger over your nipple, and block it. pull her away from the breast like the 1st poster stated. if she's truly hungry, then she will eat. have you considered switching her to a bottle?

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