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my daughter caitlyn is fussy

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she crys and crys all day i dont know whats wrong i gave her gas drops tylenol and gave her a warm rag for her ears and she still crys

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How old is she?
Depending on her age, she could be teething. They make natural tablets for that in the baby isle. Could be ear infection, could be gas, could be hungry, could be wet, could be too cold or too warm...
My almost 5-month-old has started teething. I can see a little white bump on her bottom gum. I've been putting a slightly damp clean cloth in the fridge for an hour or so, and then giving it to her to chew on. She seems to like it. I tried a teething ring but she didn't dig on that as much. Also, I rubbed a bit of baby orajel natural on her gums before day care. She fusses and it takes longer to get her down at night. Last night I was rocking her after her bath and she was whimpering:( It sounded pitiful. She was so tired and she just couldn't If you don't think it is teeth, does she have a fever? Is she wetting and stooling normally? Is she eating? If not, call your doctor!
She's five-six months, right?  Teething, no doubt.  Try the orajels (but don't be shocked if they don't work; my son never liked them.)  You can also buy those teething rings that go in the fridge or the freezer, and my son LOVED those.  They do warm up really fast, though, so if they work, buy a few and rotate.  You can also try soaking a washcloth in cold water and letting her chew on that.  Hyland's used to make teething tablets, and they were fantastic, but they've been pulled from the market for a while.  (Issues with dosage.  Long story.)  They're supposed to be back on the market sometime this summer, so if you see them, I highly recommend them; they worked on my son like awesome.  Worst case: Tylenol, no joke.  I understand that teething is one of the worst pains you can experience, next to childbirth (although how they figure that, since the ones experiencing it are too young to judge, I have no idea).  You are NOT a bad mom for dosing your kid with pain-killer, if she's in pain. 
It sounds like she might be teething. Baby orajel was recalled recently so make sure you look into what you're buying if you get some or if you already have it. I just used tylenol and let them chew on teething rings or cool washcloths.

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