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my daughter is gonna be 2 in august whats some good party games

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my little loralye is gonna be a big girl i need some things for her party i dont know what pastrys or games or anything i should have

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her sister kylie was adopted and will also be 2 in august
I was a bad mother, I have a five year old and I am only 22. I gave birth at 17! But, I just gave everybopdy piggy back rides when she was 2 lol!!!
lol your not a bad momma you wouldnt have let them ride on your back all day if ya were
When they are 2 they can have nuts so you can let her have nutella muffins. Just get muffin mix make them then ice it with nutella its a hazel nut spread with skim milk and cocoa they think its like junk food but its good for them.
I wouldn't try to structure a party for a two-year-old too much...I would set some activities up and just let them play. The Nutella muffins sound awesome. I never thought to use Nutella as icing! I put it on toast.
a 2 year old is not old enough to really care too much about a party. my daughter will also be 2 in august, and i plan to make a strawberries&cream pig cake, hang some ballons, and let her do her thing. i don't think a party at that age should really be structured with a gagle of planned activities. last year we made cupcakes, served a fruit&veggie tray with yourgurt&ranch dips, pasta salad, a mini subs sandwich buffet, and deviled eggs. it was a huge hit, and all super easy&quick to make. she was able to have her very own cupcake, instead of sharing a large cake with everyone else; but this year she wants a pink piggy cake. i hope this helps! i will be about 4 months along when her birthday comes around. such an exciting time!
I just had a party for my 2 year old in April.  We had a total of 5 2-year olds.  We didn't do anything too structured.  When a few "mine's' broke out, we played ring-around-the-rosy (a huge hit...what 2-year old doesn't like to get dizzy and fall down) and hokey pokey.  Also, the balloons that were supposed to be decorations were a bigger hit than the slide and tunnel/tent.  Although the tunnel/tent was a lot of fun for them too.  A bubble popping session is always a good time too.  If you have a few bubble buckets, that's good, if not let a grown up do the blowing.  A quick hint if you plan on opening presents in front of everyone..designate someone to take the gift away 2 seconds after they pose for a pic w/it.  If not, they want it open right now and won't open the next thing. 
I agree - don't go for anything too structured with the play.  Do have something fun that everyone can enjoy - bubbles are a great suggestion.  Don't go crazy with party favors, especially since most of the ones you buy are for kids 3 and up.   Balloons are a huge hit, plus the mylar ones are super cheap at the dollar store.  You can buy one for each kid and they can take them  home with them - instant party favor! Plan for the party the way you'd plan for a playgroup.  Figure it will go maybe an hour an a half, and try not to plan it during your daughter's naptime, or she'll be majorly cranky and won't enjoy herself.  I suggest cupcakes for the kids, and a regular cake for the adults.  You can pour out just enough cupcakes for the kids and use the rest of the batter for the main adult cake - no one's going to notice, and it's less baking for you!

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