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my daughter got choked bad i managed to get her to spit it out help

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she got it out of her throught after 3 minutes but her throught was bleeding and she was having a horrible time tryin to breath i live in the woods no people around the hospital is likke 30 minutes away and my husband has the car anyways hes at work and shes puking blood and shes so upset she cant breath i need something to help her we dont have any kind of phone how can i make her breath

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first get a cotton swab and a cup of hot water put salt in the water and put the swab in there then move the swab around in her throught to make sure any scraches get cleaned and swelling goes down then give her warm water and after she drinks that give her icy water dont give her tylenol or anything like that just give her a bath and let her get some heat it will clear her throught then dont let her eat before like 5 hours just give her water if shes hungry then if you have formula for the baby that your preg with already then give her formula in a bottle because its thin all those classes that i took in situations were you would have to save your child really helped good luck
if she is litterally puking blood, you  need to get her to the hospital. If you have internet you can surley get a hold of someone to help you. Look it up online you text people from your e-mail. But I would get help as soon as possible. Choking and being unable to breathe for 3 minutes is a serious thing. You should really invest in a phone, if you have no neighbors, car or way to contact anyone in case of an emergancy. Hope the baby is okay.
OMG ... I hope your baby is better...!! 
wait a minute. you have a computer with internet, but no phone? what's that all about? you need to take her to the er now, if she is puking blood. not breathing for 3 minutes could cause serious brain damage. s
gmail has a phone on it.
a phone should be a staple in your house. you can live without internet. if you live in the woods, and have no neighbors, with a husband that is away with the car all day, then a phone is a must. a computer with internet is not.

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