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my daughter loralye is 1 year old and i need tips on potty training

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i think shes old enough

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put her in cotton underwear, not pull ups. they are too much like diapers, and kids will continue to mess them, thinking they are diapers. get an egg timer, and set it for 15 minutes. tell her when the bell dings, it's potty time. sit her on the potty for around 1-2 minutes. set the timer for that too, if you like. you don't need rewards, or treats. learning to use to potty has nothing to do with morals. there's no reason to punish them for accidents, and no reason to reward them either for peeing/pooping on the toilet. when she does pee or poop on it, just praise her, and say, "you went pee pee/poo poo on the potty. good job." when she has an accident, say, "uh oh. you had an accident. it's okay. let's go clean you up." clean her up in the bathroom, so that she gets the idea that this is where we do this. consistency is key. however, if she's not showing any interest, then i would leave it be, until she's a little older. i started my daughter at 19 months, and she's 2 months into now. it's going pretty well, but she's far from being fully trained. my goal is 2 years old for that. good luck.
I think that would be awesome if you could fully potty train your daughter at 1 yr. But it is pretty young and usually they are around 2 yrs when they want to start learning.Good luck
i recently read something interesting in the book, "toddler wise".  the asian culture begin poop training their children around 12 months old, rather than starting off with pee. poop is far more predictable than urine, and therefore you eliminate the future problem of your child refusing to poop on the potty. in order to accomplish this, you need to have your child sit on the potty for atleast 7-10 minutes (according to this book) to atleast try to make it happen. i hope this helps.

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