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My daughter is in a pageant sep 1 anyone els have pageant babies.

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I need to get info on pageants.

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Audrey was in a natural beauty pageant this summer. We both had fun but she didn't get any awards. :( What questions do you have?
I don't know much about pageants, I wanna know what I should get.
Grrr. I had a big long reply all typed out and then my internet crapped out. :(It's going to depend on the type of pageant she's in. If it's a natural beauty pageant she'll need a party dress like she'd wear for a holiday party, matching shoes and ruffled white ankle socks. She'll also need outfits for the other categories she'll be in. Look in your registration packet to find out the categories, she may need a swimsuit, costume or other outfits and you'll need shoes to match each one. You'll also need different hair clips or headbands to match each outfit and maybe some hairspray/gel/styling wax. If her hair is long you can bring a curling iron or small hot rollers, but if it's short there probably isn't much styling you can do.If it's a glamour/glitzy pageant you'll need a fancy pageant dress, with white shoes and ruffled white ankle socks. You'll also probably need a hair piece of some kind, lots of makeup, maybe even fake eyelashes and a spray tan. Watch a couple of episodes od Toddlers & Tiaras to see what those pageants are like. And no, they're not any different for babies.
From Miss America to babies in glitz pageants it is all one on the same, you just need an outfit for the categories that there will be and then hair products and makeup.

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