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my daughter is so constipated help

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she screams in pain everytime she poops her turds are like 2 inches wide and rock hard and her bottom bleeds i dont know what to do

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I would call the peditrition, I don't think its recomended to use a laxative for infants with out speaking to a doctor. Until you can get help, try a jar of prunes, and things high in fiber. I hope she feels better soon!
call her ped now, and start putting light karo syrup in her bottles.
Poor little girl!  My kids all had the same problem and it was horrible.  We seemed to find extra liquids, pineapple and prune sauce to work.  Best of luck!
my 6 month baby has the same problem.  The doctor recommended giving the baby 4 - 6 oz of room temperature "apricot nectar" in the bottle once a day.  This works!  Occasionally I have to use an infant suppository that you can purchase over the counter at Target stores.  I noticed that baby cereal makes the constipation worse, so the doctor said to stop giving the baby the cereal. 
My dr always recommended Karo syrup in the bottle.
My dr always recommended Karo syrup in the bottle.
My daughter is 14 months old and we have been dealing with this since she was 6 months.  Her pediatrician told me to put Miralax in her milk, half a cap full, EVERY NIGHT before bed.  She also receives Pedia-Lax suppositories, which is an over the counter suppository.  The Miralax helps make her stool softer so it's easier for her to go, however she still gets constipated so I use the suppositories as back up.  The suppositories work within 5 minutes and she will produce a dirty diaper that has needed to come out for days.If your baby is bleeding, she needs to go to the doctor ASAP.  It's called an anal fissure where she has ripped either the inside or the outside of her bottom while she's trying to go to the bathroom.  She needs to see a doctor.  Prune juice will work to clean her out but it's not a permanent solution unless you give her a little bit every day.  Give her 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce per month old she is.  (If she is 6 months old, give her 3-6 ounces per day, but no more than that.)Good luck!!!
Try 1/2 teaspoon of Briar Rabbit Molasses in three bottle (sippies etc.) a day. Just mix some into her milk and let her drink it. It helped my daughter tremendously. She had the same problem from a week old when we had to start formula. (I was unable to sontinue breastfeeding due to health problem.)
ty sooooo much for the advice i took her to the doctor he gave me some medicine to help
When my kids had this it had to do with giving them dairy and cereal.  As I was dealing with my own issues of allergy and bowels I learned that sometimes the nerves in your bowels don't develop or are not working. Most Peds and MD's do not acknowledge this or dairy and peanut products causing digestive issues outside of allergies.  Cow's milk was made to be digested by 1000 pound calves not 20 pound babes.  We still have limited dairy like cheese and yogurt but I mostly use Rice milk.  We also use other nut and seed butters that are more easily digested.  If the problem persists a pediatric gastrointerologist might help.  I also gave my kids liquid chlorophyll in their juice when they were little, then they had chewable greens that tasted like sour green apples, and now I just try and get whatever green I can into them.  Life is an experiment--Good Luck.


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