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my daughter throws up only at night she is 3yrs old

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my daughter throws up only at night not every night tho some times its every other some times it might be two nights in a row with a skip of the third night and a continue of the following i took her to the drs and they said she had an ear infection i took her to the drs on the 17 of march she threw up on tuesday the 15th wednesday the 16 friday the 18th and sunday the 20 i have no clue as to what is causing this i have made no changes in her diet before this all started to happen she has no other symptoms associated with this i have some thoughts but she goes to her drs tomorrow again i feel so sad for her when she goes to bed at 8:30 pm when her dinner time was between 5-5:30 pm to me it seems like it wasnt all digested can she have acid reflux, could she be doing it with her sucking of her fingers , could she just be doing it to extend her time from going to bed all i know is it can be really messy to clean up after its hard to tell when she is gonna do it so its hard to prepare for when i think its gonna happen

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you should call the doctor
thank you for your answer i went back to the drs again and the dr said she has ear infections in both ears i thought it was only in just one from what the last visit to the dr said also the dr said she is possibly doing it to having both of the ears being infected if it doesnt clear up then come back after the medicine is all also she is still gaining her weight thankfully it isnt nothing major call me the worry wart or over protected mother but you can never know now a days
Hi Mom of 3 yr old, I have a two year old and she does this too. well, i should say she used to do it too. She used to vomit at 11.30 in the night and her dinner time was 7.30. Well, i understand that not all kids are same and this is what i did to my daughter... I started to feed her less of what she used to have and depending on her activity levels, i  reduced her snacks too..I know it can be mom wants to see their children starve and always look for food... but when i did this, her vomitting frequency reduced to a great extent and now she vomits ...may be once a month ... and that again happens only  when i feed her little more when her activity levels are poor.... so i  realised that she has a poor digestive system and she cannot handle harder stuff...and so i gave her lots of steamed vegetables..banana....(easy to eat stuffs)There is one more incident i would like to add which happened to daughter used to vomit whenever i take her to MOPS....she is fine with play group and story hour at library but not mops. there have been 3 incidents where she vomitted at the outside of the place where the MOPS take place. i have also noticed her crying all the way into MOPS. I think their likes and dislikes may also have got to do with their ability trigger puking ( which, my daughter is great at!!!) may sound strange ... but it happened to me!!! So long as she poops fine and gains weight and show good growth...there neednt much to think or be concerned.If this still does not make you feel better, talk to her paed.
She could be gagging herself, she could be eating too much or she could be eating soemthing that just doesn't agree with her stomach.My daughter would throw up in the car every time she ate store brand (cheap) cheese sticks. She has no issues with cheese, there was just something about the cheap cheese that made it take a lot longer than necessary to digest.
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My six yr old daughter has been feeling very nauseous for months and just starting throwing up at night around the same time. I'm in the process of taking her to a gastroenterologist however, I did come across a site that described a condition I never heard of before, CVS, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. You may want to look at the description of the symptoms and see if your child is having any of these symptoms. I have much respect for doctors however as a mom I feel that you have to be your own advocate, do your own research and question these drs. Go with your instincts and don't stop questioning and researching until you get definitive answers! Good luck!

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