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Is my daughter too big?

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My baby girl is 12 weeks old and weighs in at a little over 14lbs. She is 23.5 inches long. She was a big baby(8lbs 9oz) at birth. Everyone always comments on how big she is. She is wearing size 3-6 months in clothes and a size 2 in diapers. I know she is on the larger side, but I don't think she is too fat. Her doctor says she is fine. I love her chubby legs and cheeks, but I am so tired of people commenting on her size. Is she always going to be bigger, or will she even out?

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if the doctor says she's ok, then she's ok. i know it's hard to stand there and listen to people say negative things about your precious little baby. i took my baby girl into walmart one day, dressed head to toe in pink. i was appalled when a woman came up to me and asked me how old my son was. it was all i could do not to punch her in the face. however, i just coldly corrected her, and moved on. i didn't want to make a scene at that time. some babies are just chubby, and i think she will grow out of it when the time comes. my husband was 11lbs 2 oz, when he was born, and has never had a weight problem.
i wouldnt worry about it as long as she is healthy ,most babies slim down later anyway when they start walking and what not
I wouldn't be concerned at all.  Both of my kids were very large; my son was already 22 lbs at 4 months, and now at 4 years old, he's long and lean.  My daughter is the same way. If anything, when my kids were infants, I would receive compliments on their sizes, followed immediately with the question, "You're nursing, aren't you?"  Yup!  :)  Babies need fat for healthy development, something our size-obsessed culture struggles to remember.  I say, enjoy those chubby legs and cheeks while you can!!
Thanks ladies. Sometimes I just need some reassurance. I think my baby is perfect, it just hurts when other people tell me she isn't.
who cares wat other ppl say! yu said YU lov her chunky cuteness! & her doc says shes fine! also she was born on the heavier side so she is right on track! also she will even out as she gets older... as long as when she is two & three mos yu encourge her wen she starts to hold her head up and 4 mos wen she starts "trying" to sit up! basically dont let her b lazy =) do lots of tummy time now and she will gain strength thru her growing weeks! squeeze her chubby cheeks for me! & enjoy her!! good luck ;)
my baby is 8 weeks old, i dont know his weight, but he also wears 3-6 mth clothe and size 2 diapers, he isnt fat either just chubby lik u said, so ur baby is older i suppose it isnt a bad thing, if ur breastfeedin ur baby, they say its normal because its healthy weight. 

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