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my docter put my baby on silmilac but she doesnt really like it

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whats the best formula for a newborn

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With our first we used enfamil and was very happy.  Many times your doctor will recommend things that they have used themselves or are given free samples of to hand out.  But that's not to say that's the only kind to use.  Like I said with our 1st we used enfamil, but with our 2nd he couldn't use anything but similac soy.  If it doesn't agree with her try something else.  I will tell you with #3 we will start out on enfamil, we just prefer it. 
If your baby doesn't like it I would try out some other brands until  you find one she prefers. You definitely want her to like it so she will eat the way she's supposed to and can grow and gain weight. My kids have all been allergic to milk when they are born so we always have to try out all kinds before we can stick with one. If you are concerned about the nutritional value of the different brands then ask her dr about it. Tell them she won't take it and ask what they recommend you switch her to. Good luck :)
I breastfed the majority of the time with my daughter, so she didn't get formula until I started going out when she was about 8 months. That being said, we really liked the Nestle Good Start. Any of the major brands are good nutrition wise. I would avoid store brands, because they are normally lower quality. I would ask your doctor is they have samples of other kinds, so you can try a little before you have to spend the money to buy it, in case she doesn't like it again.
most of the time a breastfeed but there are times in the middle of the night if im to tierd my husband will get up to feed her most of the time i get up to feed her but there are a few times my husband gets up with her and give her formula anyways i got enfamil and she likes it thanks for your advice everyone! :)

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