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my doctor told me im 11 weeks . why arent i showing yet ??

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Because you aren't far enough along to show. Depending on your body type, most people don't show until at least 4 months. I was a size 5 and you could really tell I was pregnant when I was 5 months along. You will have a little pooch at first, with clothes on it looks like you are just getting a little fat, lol. Then one day you will wake up and, BAM you look pregnant. Those pants you wore earlier in the week won't button. You will get there soon, enjoy your pregnancy!!! :)
When you start showing is really going to depend on your body structure.  Some women start showing by 3/4 months; some don't show until later.  (If you're very overweight, you might not ever really "show".)  You're not quite three months along yet.  If your doctor isn't worried about your weight in relation to pregnancy, then don't you be.  You'll show soon enough.
i didn't really show with my first pregnancy until i was around 5 months, and even then, i was tiny. a lot of people asked me if i was pregnant, or just fat. i hated that shit. i 10 weeks along with my second, and i'm showing a lot sooner. i look like i'm 4 months along! i have a feeling this is going to be a VERY BIG BABY! i'm terrified of that. my daughter was 7lbs 1 oz. however, my husband was 11lbs 2 oz., and i was 9lbs. 8oz. imagine pushing out a 11 lb kid with no drugs! and he got stuck, so they had to break her pelvis. you can imagine my anxiety....
I'm thin..or was (hehe).. and I didn't start showing until the fourth month. Its nothing to worry about, eleven weeks isn't far along at all. Your baby is only about 1 1/2 inches long right now! Give it time and you'll be missing these days, I know I do! I'm in my third trimester:)
dont worry about not showing. you still arent very far along & a lot of women dont show until later in their pregnancy especially the first time around. I never got very big with my first & now im 23 wks pregnant with my second & people still cant believe that im pregnant let alone this far along! But the dr said my weight is good & ultrasound shows she's good sized she's just riding my spine. So as long as the dr says everything is ok & going good just relax & enjoy things
I'm six months and I just started to show. And some jeans do stretch so you don't have to over do it with maternity clothes.
"at 11 weeks your baby is roughly the size of a thumb" So how much do  you think you should show at this size? before you know it you will be showing don't rush it :)
yeah i know . but im a size 0 . im very skinny & i feel like i should been showin a little because im so small any growth should be noticeable . i dont kno maybe im just too excited & anixous
Some women don't show at all. If you watch i didn't know i was pregnant, you would know, lol. Some women have a very tight muscule wall ( i think thats what it was) and hardly show at all through out the pregnancy.

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