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Is my ex trying to buy my daughter?

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I was a stay at home mom. I have been seperated for 2 years. I don't make much money. I was a strict parent while we were married. We were on the same page. Now she has a tv in her room at her dad's. Plays video games etc... She turned out to be very smart. Gifted program at school. When she is at her dads he buys her everything. Takes her places. I can't compete. I don't have the money. I also have physical problems that sometimes limit what I can do. I feel like I'm going to lose her. Sometimes I get very down and she knows that. She is 11 now. She comes first,always. She eats before I do. sometime we are even (me) short on food. She sees me eating oatmeal for dinner and lunch. I feel she will end up wanting to live with her father because he can give her things i can't. What do I do? She knows how sad I am. I try to hide it, but it can be hard at times Today there is enough food for her, but not enough for me. i spent my last $20 taking her to paint ceramics today. She said thank you, but at the same time know I'm struggling. What should i do.

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not spend the last of your money on doing ceramics.... you have to take care of yourself and learn to be happy before you can take care of someone else.  she is your daughter and she will love you even if you can't buy her everything.
I agree, maybe he can buy her things that you can not afford but nothing will ever replace the mother daughter bond you have spent 11 years creating. Girls need thier moms especially when they start hitting the 12 and 13 year old stages. I would say spend what ever time you can with her, and stay tuned in on her intrests. My 3 year old recently started visiting her dad. Part of the agrement was his mother had to stay with them, the entire time she is at their house she has no rules. No bed time, eating what ever she wants, watching TV when ever and never lifting a finger when it is time to pick up. We have very different rules for her at my boyfriend and I's house. The first time she came back she cried every time I expected her to follow a rule. It broke my heart at first, but soon she realized that with rules she feels more stable. Co parenting with an Ex can be hard but it sounds as if he cares for your daughter and that is a privledge not all single mothers have. Good Luck.

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