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My ex wife tells my 9 yr old daughter to keep things from me...

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My ex wife is dating someone and she asked my daughter not to tell me about it. We've been divorced over a year and she only recently had a child with her most recent ex boyfriend, now 4 months later she is bringing my children around someone new. I feel like i have a right to ask about this but my daughter gets scared to answer so i dont push. When i mention this to my ex she says im the one putting to much pressure on my daughter. Thats the last thing i want to do and im not asking to pry but when i see hesitation to talk its obviously hard to ignore. Am I in the wrong for asking her?

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Your not wrong and its not pressuring her. If your not conformable it means something is wrong. and it could me that the people ur ex wife has around could be touching her. i saw could be cause they could be doing other illegal press both her andur ex wife and if anyhing is going on id tell a judge and fight for sole custody of your daughter

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