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My fiancé and I were talking about starting a "baby chest"

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My fiancé and I were talking about starting a "baby chest", like buying diapers and such things now since the prices of things are just going to keep going up. I am not currently pregnant but hope to someday soonish become (within year or so). Would it make sense to do so, or no. I've heard of some babies " being allergic" to some diapers, is that true or were the parents just narcotic?

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Babies can be sensitive to some products but more than likely you'll find that you don't like how the product holds up. I buy Parent's Choice from Walmart here. They are the cheapest. The next cheapest is Luv's and I don't care for them at all. If you do go ahead and buy, watch for sales. That way if you don't like the product, you'll at least feel better about not paying full price. I wouldn't buy shampoos quite yet since they tend to get icky with age. If you buy clothes, go with a nuetral color. Think green or yellow. Or even brown. If you have a girl, you can always add a pink head band ribbon.
Car seats expire, so be careful if you get one of them. It may just be easier to get a used one from a friend whose baby just out grew it.
Car seats, cribs, and other big "gear" items expire after 5 years due to safety regulations. You can't be sure of what size your baby will be or how quickly they will grow so be careful when buying diapers. Sometimes it's necessary to try different brands of diapers if your baby is sensitive to certain brand or if a brand isn't absorbent enough. Other products like shampoos, diaper creams, etc. can cause allergies and don't hold up well to long term storage.I would suggest simply putting the money you would spend on baby products into a savings account. That way you'll have some money saved to help with expenses and you'll have the freedom to try different products. And when you do get around to buying things it's best to go with natural and organic products. They don't have harsh chemicals and aren't as likely to cause allergies or irritations to your baby's skin.
We adopted our son, and spent a year and a half in the waiting parent pool waiting for a match.  The adoption agency cautioned us againt buying up too much stuff prior to being matched with a baby, because you don't know how long it's going to take before that baby shows up, and if it takes a while, you're just staring a large pile of diapers/clothes/baby gear feeling sadder and sadder and sadder about the baby who hasn't shown up to use them yet. Same applies for.  You might get lucky and get pregnant right away.  Or you might not.  Do you really want to look at a pile of diapers that is gathering dust?  Yes, prices are going up all the time, but I agree that you're probably better off putting that money into a high-interest savings CD or other account, rather than spending it on stuff that might end up just breaking your heart.

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