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My fiance doesnt eat veggies and im worries that when our son...

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My fiance hates veggies and i try and get him to eat them all the time but he wont and our son due in about 2 months and i want him to wanna eat veggies when he gets old enough but i heard that the child looks up more to the same sex gender parent and i dont want him to have a lack of develpoment becuase his dad doesnt eat veggies...any advice to help to get him to eat veggies before our son gets here

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just tell your fiance that eating veggies is gonna set a good example for your son and he should atleast try to eat veggies more often or even just pretend to eat them when your sons around
I have 2 boys and our 3rd is on the way.  Our rule is, even if one parent doesn't like something, it doesn't mean the child shouldn't try it.  I don't find that the boys eat like their dad.  Their dad eats plenty of stuff they hate or won't try.  Start early and set your rule, you try one bite of everything on your plate.  If you don't like it, don't eat it, but you have to try it.  And it has to be a "big boy bite".  If he doesn't like it, then wait a few weeks and try it again because their tastes will change.  I do think your fiancee should try one bite as well, but he's a grown adult and you can't make him.  He will see that it's frustrating when your child doesn't want to and that may make him change his mind.  Also remember just because he doesn't like them, doesn't mean your boy won't love them.  Starting babies off on veggies (baby food) is the best way to introduce those tastes to them.  Don't stress, you'll find your rhythm and what works for your family. 
My husband doesn't eat many veggies either. We have 3 kids and only one is a boy. I have found that he looks up more to me than he does his daddy. He is a total mommy's boy! He helps me cook and he tends to eat like me. If you let your boy pick out recipes and help buy the food and prepare it that should really help. Thats how I got my boy to start eating again. They tend to go through stages where they don't wanna eat. Just have him try things. You can't really force them to eat what they don't want because it just messes up their eating habits worse. Plus it makes for a fight at every meal if you do. As for the daddy, you won't be able to force him either. I would make healthy things and experiment with them to try to find some way he will eat them but I wouldn't worry about it too much. Good luck! :)
We always had a rule in our house growing up that I am continuing.  Everyone could have a list of 3 things they wouldn't ever have to eat.  It could change as tastes changed but it couldn't be changing all the time.  This applied to the adults too.My husband started trying foods he didn't like when I got pregnant saying "How can I make them eat something I wont eat?".  He discovered that he likes a lot of foods he didn't used to like.
I totally agree with lissiemel about trying everything. Our daughter likes foods now that neither of us will eat! I dont eat meat, but she loves steak and ham. My hubby doesn't like brussel sprouts or zuccini, but those are some of my daughters favourites! It all depends on how you present the food. If you give it to them and one parent says "eww, that's disgusting", the kid is going to assume they don't like it before they even try it! For the things neither of us will eat (like ham....ewww) we give it to her and say something like "this is Grandma's favourite, you might love it". On the flip side, my brother in law is a picky eatter, and when he had his son, he only fed him foods that he likes, and told him that things like brussel sprouts were nasty. Now my nephew has all kinds of health problems because his diet is so restricted. The only way we have been able to try anything new is by giving it to my daughter, and giving him nothing (at snack time, not meal time, that would be mean!) . Eventually he tries things because he gets mad that he has no snack. It seems like a mean way to do things, but it is to the point that there was no options! So really, setting good positive eatting habbits from the beginning will make a huge difference a few years down the road!

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