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My first appointment isn't until February 24

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This is my first pregnancy. I'm guessing I am about 6 weeks along. I scheduled an appointment with a nurse midwife, but it's not until the end of February. Is this typical? And what do I do in the meantime?

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Yes, that's pretty typical.  Most doctors unless you are having issues early on, want to get you in where they can do a confirming ultrasound between 7-10 weeks along.  Start taking your prenatal vitamins, you can get them over the counter and any grocery store or pharmacy.  Don't stock up on them though, because your doctor may prescribe you something different with added DHA or fish oils.  Drink lots of fluid, your first trimester your body is adjusting to being pregnant and you can become constipated pretty easily (especially with the added vitamins).  You should drink at least 32 oz of water per day.  Limit your caffiene to 12 oz or less per day, no smoking or drinking alcohol and unless you are an extreme excersise person, don't start a new routine.  Walk, swim, things that keep your body active, but don't push your heart rate.  Other than that, continue to do things as your normally do.  Good luck!
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I've never had to wait that long to get into the dr. Maybe they are a very busy office and that is the earliest appointment they have. I would try to get one for earlier than that but thats just me. If you are ok with waiting then I wouldn't worry about it. Just try to stay very hydrated and buy some prenantals to take. Take it easy when you feel tired and be sure to get enough rest. It is a very tiring thing to grow a baby. Other than that try to eat healthy. Good luck! :)
It depends on the doctor.  For my first pregnancy, I had an appointment at 6 weeks.  For my second and now my current pregnancies, I switch insurance and now see midwives.  They won't see me til I am 10-12 weeks which can be frustrating.  Drink lots of watch, take your prenatals and if you have any symptoms that you are worried about, just call the office.  If something doesn't sound right, they will more than likely find a way to see you right away.

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