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My first pregnancy?

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So I JUST found out I am pregnant 2 days ago and I still haven't taken it in yet. I suspected I was pregnant so me and and my boyfriend confirmed it with a doctor's appointment. When I told him that the doctor said I was pregnant he had a "OMG" look on his face but a few minutes later he was excited about it. I was NOT excited. I'm only 20 yrs. old trying to get on my own. My boyfriend is 24 and we are looking for our first apartment together. So not only do we have to save for a security deposit, furniture, and other household things...we gotta add a baby to the mix. Neither of us didn't tell his mother but somehow she knows? But this is both our first child and I'm NERVOUS. I know a few things about pregnancy but not too much. I only missed 1 period so I could only be a fews weeks. But I scheduled a prenatal checkup. Are they going to tell me how far along I am? Am I going to hear the baby's heartbeat? Am I going to get a prescription for prenatal vitamins? When is it going to hit me that I'm pregnant?

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you won't hear the heartbeat yet. they will give you an estimated due date and a prescription for prenatals.
The heart developts around 6 weeks so depending on how long you wait until your first appointment you may be able to hear it.  Also most first appointments they do an ultra sound to confirm the size of the little one, which will give you a due date.  You may get samples of prenatals so you know what you like before you get a prescription.  That will save you a little money. Give it some time to sink in and its alright if it does not feel "real" yet because it will before long. Moms are full of great useful information because they have done this.  Maybe its time you talk to his mom so she can help you out.  Sounds like she has good intuition if she could guess you were pregnant so early. 
I know EXACTLY how you feel... I'm 21 (I was 20 when i found out) and my Husband (boyfriend at the time) who is 24... Like I said I know how you feel... His parents were very understanding my parents freaked out and were mad for about 2 weeks then they were very supportive... It was just a little surprising for them... At your first prenatal which is normally at 8 weeks you will be able to hear the heart beat and get your vitamins... I was so worried about everything I needed to get for the house and the baby but our families stepped in and helped us get the things we needed... now our nursery is all set up and the rest of the house is coming along slowly but surely... Plus my parents are super excited now... Things will work out... If you want to talk more about it just e-mail me good luck
well I live in canada and prenatal vitamins are bought over the counter (no prescription for that). you should start the vitamins as soon as possible. in fact it is recommended people who are TRYING to conceive that the mom to be should take the vitamins. Things are very different here from there. you cannot see an OB/Gyn til you are 12 weeks pregnant and your ultrasound gets scheduled around 20 weeks. around 8 weeks or so you should be able to hear the baby's heart beating in the office :) if you just missed one period you are (I would guess) 6 weeks or so. get your apt and get all set up. you have time to buy things that you will need before baby comes. take a deep breath and relax.Good luck
You should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat at around 10-12 weeks. You can get a prescription for prenatals but you don't need one, you can get them OTC. I like GNC's prenatal pack, it has a multivitamin you take twice a day, a DHA supplement and extra calcium. Your doctor will be able to tell you how far along you are based on the date of your last period. If you are unsure about that you will get an ultrasound to confirm the baby's age. You'll get all the pregnancy information you need when you see your doctor. Babies can be expensive and are a lot of work but they're also a lot of fun. Don't stress too much. There are ways to get help if you need it from WIC, Birthright and other organizations.

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