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My friend allows her 3.5 yr old to play violent games, how is this ok?

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A close friend of mine allows her 3.5 year old son to play VIOLENT video games, as well as play with toy guns and listen to vulgar music. My children who are 3.5 and almost 2.5 are not in anyway or form allowed to watch/play/listen to any of that. They find nothing wrong with it, they believe it's fine and at times 'cute'??? How is it CUTE when you TELL your 3.5 yr old son to 'shoot her dead' (telling him to shoot and kill my daughter) in play?? How is it okay that your son curses every word in the book and you ignore it? During playdates I find my children are copying his behavior and at times repeating his bad words!! They have no clue what those words even are and HAVE no business knowing those words either. What pushed me over the edge the most, was allowing him to play a violent video game in-front of my children. My son, my baby, just stood there looking so confused. I took him away immediately once I saw what he was playing and we left. I really really want this friendship to work, but not if this continues. After ALL of the horrible and tragic shootings, I don't know how they can find this to be okay and overlooked? I'm deeply concerned for possible detrimental side effects this could have on this little boy. He is such a beautiful little boy, it kills me inside to sit back and watch this. HELP???? What do I do???

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There is a lot that kids will be exposed to, and while this boy is young, it's nothing that he, or your kids won't hear at school. Is that sad? Yes. But, you can't shelter your kids husband swears more than he should and our kids have learned that there are certain words that are only for grown ups. They don't repeat them because they know far as video games go, they're just games. People around the world play violent games and no country has the amount of gun violence that we do. The people who commit the mass shooting you are talking about didn't do them because they played violent video games. They did those horrible things because they had psychological problems and mental illnesses that were to properly treated.ultimately, you have to decide what is best for your kids at this time. If its possible to have play dates at your house where there won't be violent video games or inappropriate toys, do that. Otherwise, you can't make your friend change her parenting. We all do things different and we all do what works for us. The stuff this little boy is doing is not harmful and really isn't likely to turn him into a horrible person. It's just stuff that you don't approve of, and you can't force someone to raise their kids according to your ideas of what is right. So, if that means you can't be friends with this woman, so be it.

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