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my girlfriend possibly pregnante and shes 14, i dont know what to do

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im 15 and my girlfriend is 14 and she maybe pregnant and i am staying with her no matter what cause both her and i are not ready for this and she wants to kill her self but im stopping her and shes really afraid of telling someone and i just dont know what to do

answers (3)

Has she actually taken a pregnancy test? If not, she needs to. That is the first step in figuring out what to do. If she is not pregnant, the two of you should stop having sex. You are not ready to be dealing with pregnancy or stds. If she is pregnant, she will have to tell her parents and will need to start seeing a doctor or midwife in order to get the proper medical care she will need. Deciding whether or not to keep the baby, put it up for adoption, etc. is a decision that should ideally be made by both of you and all of your parents. But before either of you start making plans or just start freaking out, she needs to take a pregnancy test.
You need to find out first if she is pregnant. I had my first baby at 15 and my second at 20, I wasnt ready for either. Everything will be okay, I promise. I was scared shitless to tell my parents but I did and there were actually supportive I mean what can they do, its your life, your body and YOUR BABY! There is a lot of help out there and a lot of pregnancy clinics that will help you so I suggest finding one in your town and going (: goodluck to you both its normal to be scared!
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