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My girls are grown up enough?

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So I go to the mall with my kids. And I just let them money and they buy what they need and i help the little ones (7 and under).and they just get what they need And the stores they go to. So they put their bags in the kitchen and run off. I look at the clothes they get . The little ones just go to carters and the childrens place. I have four little ones Sammantha, Jessica, John,Lily. So the teenagers Jill Megan jack Luke and Jen take their bags a little too old to look threw their stuff. Cassidy Tyler pat collin are my olderish kids Patrick 8 Tyler 9 shop at childrens place so I don't need to go through their stuff. Collin got sport stuff as usually. Then Cassidy 11 all new stores hollister a&f aero and the worst Victoria secret. She is 11 I flipped out and asked jilly 13 what in the wOrld she was thinking. Their was bikinis that is not aloud I only lye Megan wear them she is 16 mini skirts short short bras she isn't even developing what do I do??!!!

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I suggest not letting any child under 16 or 17 choose clothing without you being present. 11 years old is too young to make costly designer clothing purchases without supervision.
I suggest not letting any child under 16 or 17 choose clothing without you being present. 11 years old is too young to make costly designer clothing purchases without supervision.
My parents would do the same thing with us, let us choose our own clothing. But if they saw us wearing something they didn't approve of, it went in the trash. No arguments, ever. And it they certainly didn't give us more money for clothes they threw out. We were stuck with whatever old clothes we had. Of course, you can always return the things you don't like, instead of being so extreme as to just throw them out.
First of all, please use some punctuation in the future; this paragraph was hard to read. And how many kids do you have? From reading this, it sounded like a lot. Teenagers should be old enough to shop by themselves. Just warn them that if you spot any innapropriate clothing you are going to return it to the store. 
i have 12 kids by the way.
shop with your kids! i know you've got your hands full, but you've got to supervise what they're buying. maybe take them on separate days so that they can all get individual attention they need. take the little ones one day and the bigger ones the next day. that wasy you can see what they're buying for yourself. as for the clothes they've already bought, just talk to your girls about how you feel they should dress. they won't do what you want unless they know what you want.
Talk about a motherlode of kids!  You should write a book.  I like MontanaGirl's solution.  You set parameters and consequences and they either follow the parameters or accept the consequences.  One of the consequence might be taking away the clothing and another might be supervision during the next shopping trip.
jesus, women, 12 kids? no offense, but have you ever heard of birth control? how about setting some limits? reading your question that you posted about your kids being obese, you clearly don't know when to say no. seems to me that extends to your sex life as well. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM HERE! and like luvshadowsdolls said, use some punctuation the next time you post something. it's mind-numbing trying to read the ignorant questions that you post. we all learned how to use proper grammer in school, so why is it so hard for you follow through with that? my 8-year old niece can write better than you!

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