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My grandson gets sent to his room when he dont want to eat.

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He is 19 months old. Very loving baby. I feel this is not right. He has a young mother who is 21 who dont know better but dont want to take advice from anyone. I would like to know if this is wrong which in my eyes it is. Any suggestions

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Toddlers eat when they want to eat, and they're very good at not eating when they're not hungry.  If your grandson doesn't want to eat, your daughter isn't going to force him into doing it (and shouldn't), so I wouldn't worry that he's being starved for food.  I personally wouldn't send my 21-month-old son to his room for not eating, but to each their own.  If your daughter(in-law?) wants to use this method and refuses to take advice, then I would strongly urge you to say NOTHING.  Trying to tell her she's doing it wrong (which is exactly what you'd be doing, no matter how nicely you put it) is only going to get you...ah, sent to YOUR room. As long as she's not putting her son in danger (and to me, it sounds as though she isn't), then go with the flow, and perhaps offer to sit with him upstairs or in another room and read or play together if she wants to eat her dinner in peace.  (Because I'm willing to bet that's her ultimate goal.)
As azriona said, toddlers will eat when they're hungry and there isn't much anyone can do to make them eat if they just don't want to. So, if he's eating enough throughout the day and simply doesn't want to eat at specific times, there's really no issue here. If, however, the issue is that he doesn't want to eat certain foods, he's a little young for this type of punishment. My kids are by no means picky but they do go through phases where they just don't want certain foods. When I make their meals I keep this in mind and have them try a food but if they don't want it (my 17 month old son will say "yuck!") I don't force it. I know their overall nutrition is good so I just wait out the phases and give them what they will eat.My almost 3 year old daughter has recently started throwing tantrums about food. Often she will eat half the food I give her (that she asked for) and will then want something else. I'm tired of throwing food away so I tell her to eat what she has. She'll scream, run to her room and slam the door. And when she comes out I tell her she can't have other food until she finishes what's on her plate. At her age and maturity level that is an appropriate response and she's old enough to understand these rules. But I wouldn't do that for my son at this point. He's just too young.So, if your grandson is getting enough to eat and isn't unhealthy I wouldn't worry too much. I don't necessarily agree with his mother's method of handling this issue, but if it isn't harming her son there's no point in arguing with her. 
My son is 19 months and I would never send him to his room because he didn't eat (punishment for not being hungry? that is terrible!).  Most toddlers are picky eaters and should not be forced to eat.  They will eat when they are hungry.  Instead of confronting her and straining your relationship, maybe you can say something like, "my son was also a picky eater when he was a toddler, as long as they are healthy they will eat when they are hungry".  Being so young, she might be sending him to his room for a time-out so she doesn't get overstressed, which is not a bad idea either.  As long as she isn't leaving him in his room for hours or spanking him for not eating, then I don't see a real problem or concern.  Good luck!

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