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My hunny wants to try again...

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He said that he ants to try again I asked my doctor she said its okay so where gonna try any tips on getting pregnant.

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If you want to get pregnant very quickly I would recommend using the home ovulation tests so you know exactly when you'll be ovulating. I used them for birth control, even though you're not supposed to and when I was ready to get pregnant it only took one try.Obviously, have sex while you're ovulating. Positions and things don't really matter, so just enjoy it. And remember to relax and don't stress about it. It will happen when the time is right.
Oh, the other thing is to make sure you're both really ready for another baby. I know it might seem like a good way to fully get closure for both of you, but make sure you're honestly ready. NO matter when it happens, this pregnancy is likely going to cause both you and your husband a lot of worry, so be prepared for that.
Well he said hes ready I am ready but it wasn't long ago that I had a miscarriage so I am not sure.

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