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My husband is allergic to latex. Should we have a latex free delivery?

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Since my husband is allergic to latex I am concerned that my baby might be too? Should I ask for a latex free delivery? Is there any chance that my baby could have the same allergy? Going crazy with worry!!! I am 21 weeks right now and due October 12th, 2011.

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Most hospitals are latex free these days anyways.It hardly changes anything so it is no big deal to ask for it to be, if you are concerned. Most likley though, it won't be an issue.
it should not be an issue, but you may want to bring it up at your next dr.'s visit. feel free to have a latex delivery if that's what you want.
Thank you guys. I see the OB next week and will remember to ask. Better to be on the safe side!
I am allergic to latex, and you would be surprised to know all the things they use during birth that do in fact contain latex. Even the covering on the internal ultrasound probe is latex. It is very simple to ask for a latex free delivery. But that being said, neither one of my kids has the same allergy as me :)

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