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my husband and I have sole custody of two grandchildren

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my husband and I have been raising two grandkids ages 9 years and 6 years of age. We have had these children in our care since they were a month old. The mother is a drug addict and we all went to court and we got sole custody of both kids. We have never heard a word from the kids mother but two years ago social services called and said she had given birth to another child. We could not take another child in our care and told them that. The baby was placed for adoption after one year of the mother deciding if she wanted to clean up and raise him. It didn't happen Now out of the blue on December 21 this year we get a call from her she had another baby that is now a year old and she has been clean for 5 months. She wants to see the two children that we have, but we have put it off. Feel she should have to prove herself with social services to get the one she had last year, so she sure should have to prove herself to us , The kids are healthy well adjusted children that we have, I do not know if she will get the other one, she needs to stay clean for 6 more months, plus the father of the other baby is in jail and is a drug addict also, still uses. She is starting to put alot of pressure on us after all these years of no contact. What should we do or how do we handle this? She always says that she is their mother and she wants to see them I say she lost that right when she left them in a hospital and went back out on the streets. No contact to even see how they were, after we all went to court twice to get the kids, she walked away and that was the end of her till now. She is getting nasty and I don't like that,

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