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my husband asked me...

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if i was going to be able to make it as a mom =(... this really upset me!!!! we came indiana to see his grandfather( a 9 hr trip without stopping) CRAZY with a breastfeed 12 day old!!! He wasnt pooping, all he has done while we have been here is cry,eat and sleep, i ended up crying when he crys cause i cant make him feel better, is this normal?? am i just going to cry all the time? not to meantion im switching to formula cause it hurts so bad ugh,,, should i b worried i cry so much?

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ok first off if he isnt pooping I woudl be concerned and taking him somewhere to get checked out for that.. I am breastfeeding my son that is now 3 weeks old and he poops all the time.. which is what the dr said is normal with breastfeeding idk.. as for the crying all the time.. I am in the same boat I am not sure how long it takes for your hormones and everything to get back in check  after a pregnancy.. you could always call and ask your dr if they think its normal or something to worry about just to get more peace of mind for yourself.. hang in there sweetie things will get better for all of you.. adjusting to a new baby is a big change for everyone.. and I hope you have fun in Indiana visitng his grandfather.. I live in Indiana and atleast it is decently warm for this time of year for your visit lol good luck!
First off, shame on your husband! What was he thinking asking you such things as that? I would have slapped him if it had been my husband. However I'm more worried about my hubby than me cause this is my 4th and his 1st lol. Ok now that we have that said, the pooping thing definitely isn't good. Breastfed babies are supposed to poop more than bottle fed babies. So if he isn't pooping at all I would call the dr. Now that is more than likely why he is crying so much so if you get that fixed he will probably go back to not crying all the time. It is very normal for a mother to get emotional when their baby is hurting and they can't fix it. Even if you hadn't just had him it would still be upsetting. It is perfectly normal to be upset and cry after you have your baby, your body has to do something with all those hormones you had stock piled while you were pregnant. Lol. With that being said I don't think its anything to worry about. You sound like a perfectly normal mother to me. Try to relax and get your little man some help with his tummy and enjoy your vacation! And tell your hubby to be nice lol. Good luck and congrats! :)
A long road trip can make babys really fussy. /my oarents live two hours away and everytime my we go to visit it messes with my son so much and it takes a few days to get use to.  dont feel bad about switching to formula, i did and its made life easier for both of us.  I cried alot at first too, it just takes awile for your homones to go back to normal and its a big adjustment bringing a new life into you family.  i think ive finally got the nack of thing now that my son is three months old. lol.  it will get better. and my husband made coments like that too but now that things have settled down its alot better :)  Just make sure you both are open with each other about everying. it will all get better :) 
He ended up pooping within the next days,  Doing better and i talked to my husband about what he had said... everything is good now.. just cant wait to be home =)

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