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My husband knows nothing about managing money, and won't listen to me.

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It seems like we have almost a perfect marriage, other than the arguments over money. He is the type of person to almost completely ignore necessities to get what he wants, because that's the way that his parents are, along with nearly everyone else in his family. That's why even his 70+ grandparents are still working. Whenever I try to sit down and talk to him about it, he gets very upset and angry. I don't know how to get through to him that we need to save nearly every penny we get, because we currently don't have any extra finances at all, and our baby is due at the end of March. I feel like if it was between getting diapers and buying a new video game, he'd choose the video game. One major thing that makes it very difficult is the fact that he is the only one with a job and is working. He feels that since it's "his money" as he puts it, he should get to do what he wants with it. He doesn't seem to realize that he's not a kid anymore, and, even though we both have had to grow up fast lately, that he has responsibilities, and can't do whatever he wants. I'm not saying that I want to cut out everything he wants to do for himself. I'm not saying that at all, and he doesn't seem to understand that I'd be perfectly fine with him spending money on things he wants, when we actually have the extra money for it. I just want him to realize that his responsibilities and his family's necessities come before what he wants. How do I get him to understand without upsetting or angering him?

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You two need to see a therapist to work on your communication issues, and you need to see a financial planner to deal with your financial issues. Unfortunately, this sounds like something you just can't fix without outside help.and, since money is already tight, you should check out The Honest Company for baby products, and cleaning products as well. They have great prices on their bundles (one month supply of diaper and wipes, or 5 bath/cleaning products each month). They are organic and all work very well. I've been using them since my last baby was born last january. A diaper bundle from them has always lasted two months, and now is lasting even longer. They're products are cheaper than ones you can buy in the store and are completely safe and nontoxic. They are gentle and non-irritating for my baby who has eczema.

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