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my husband wants to consider adoption

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i told him its a crazy idea because we have a 5 month old and im 15 weeks pregnant with another one but i think its because we found out we were having sextuplets then because of a fall down the stairs and lac of nutrition all of the babies died exept for one the one that im carrying now and i just dont think hes taking that to well at all please no nasty comments or talk about my life and how i am not doing things right i need advice not rude comments

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Sextuplets? Wow. Did you have IVF?Anyways, the adoption process can take a while. Maybe talk to your husband about  beginning the adoption process after the birth of your new little one. By that time maybe he will feel differently. Sometimes grief ca cloud our judgement.
no it was all natural im very fertile but anyways thats what i was telling him but i dont want anymore for a while after i have this one
adoption is good when your ready but you shouldnt adopt just because your husband wants to
Adoption is a great thing - I wouldn't rule it out for the future.  Just because you're super fertile now doesn't mean you will always be fertile. But I agree that now isn't the time.  Maybe your husband was talking about something he'd like to do later on, and not necessarily in the immediate future?
if i were your hubby, i would not go for a new...he (spouse) might have some different, try to find out those...Thanksbabysitting rates
your husband does not look to thrilled holding your daughter in that photo. don't ignore that. sit him down and have a serious talk with him. it takes two to make a baby! i can understand the stress he may be feeling, after all, you were pregnant 3 months after you delivered! you certainly don't waste any time. if you didn't want to be pregnant again so soon, why did you not ask for birth control at your 8 week checkup? no need for you to flip out on me when i say that.

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