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my last menstrual cycle was nov 27...usually about a 26 day cycle...

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pregnancy test was positive so what's my approximate due date?

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If you look on the right of the answers page, there's a Meet your Baby.  it's a pregnancy planner which can help you get your baby's estimated due date.  It was correct within a day for me compared to what my doctor told me.  it will also give you updates on what changes to expect with your body and your growing baby.  Start there.  Good luck!
I counted it up and got 9/03/11. But I would also suggest the pregnancy planner that lissiemel did because they send you emails about your baby :)
My Last MP was Nov 25 and my due date is 9/1/11 :-)
Somebody help me!! lol I havent had my mp since around the 18 of november! And i dont know how to calculate if i am pregnant other than just go to the dr! In denial dont want to go yet!!!!!

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