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My Little One Is Now 1 Month Old(:

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soo i just wanted to let everyone know that my baby is now 1 month since yesturday!(: it's been a hard stressful yet wonderful experience(: i love every minute of it!(:

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congrats! my daughter is 6 weeks today. motherhood is very difficult and stressfull at times, but also very rewarding. i would not trade it for anything in the world.
i hope and pray that you have the support you need. having a baby is tough, and especially at your age. please don't take that the wrong way, i'm in no way passing judgement on your situation. feel free to email me if you have any questions, or just need someone to talk to from time to time.  i know that it if you are a stay at home mother that things get a bit lonely sometimes. my husband works long hours, so somtimes is feels like i'm a single mom. i have a lot of weight on my shoulders, like you. i run around my house like the energizer bunny all day long. i have a 2 1/2 year old, a 6 week old, and 3 dogs, so rest is for the wicked! lol.
Being a new mommy is extremely hard and demanding at first, however it is incredibly enjoyable as well!! Congrats momma!
pinkpaisley8709-Thank's(; & Aww Congrat's Too Youu As Well!(: Yes, SomeTime's It May Be But It's All WORTH IT!!(: & Yes, I Do From My Mom,Mother In Law,And My BabyDaddy(: He's More Responsible Now Since His Son Was Born! He's Working With His Dad & Is Fixing His Car That Had Got Broken In Too! And He Help's And Take's Care Of Me & The Baby, The Most And  The Best He Can!(:, And Yah It Is I Don't Take It  In The Wrong Way(: Thank's For Your Concern!(: And  I Will I Know How You Feel Too I Feel Lonely SomeTime's As Well! And Wow!, Yeah It's Hard But You Gotta Live One Day At A Time And Make  It Worth It For Your Self And Your Childern(: And Yes The  Sleep Is Lol((:
mamaash1007 - Yes It Is!! But It's All Worthh It!!(: Thankks(:

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